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David from Mechanicsburg PA | Scuba Diver



dcg129 - 2/12/2012 2:21 PM
The second dive, I knew I was not wanted so I WENT OFF ON MY OWN CLOSE
TO The rock buffer looking for bugs everything looks like a sponge BOB
cartoon. that’s where they get inspiration . any way I got caught in
some kelp took a few seconds to free myself with out a rental dive
knife. they don’t rent knifes. and got back to the boat. The third
tank, I went back and found my self with500 lbs of nitrox and 4 blocks
away from the boat w/ cramps on the way back. I managed to go slow and
had 0 air at the boat.
dcg129 - 2/12/2012 2:21 PM
just came back from the la coast interesting story. Went on a 3 tank dive off coast of Santa Barbra. The master had all students doing various skills. I was buy my self doing pole sling spearfishing. They just said go down with a group. In other words I was alone, my rented compass got water loged so I stayed close and got use to the Pacific surge, interesting

I didn’t say anything
what are your thoughts?
dcg129 - 12/26/2011 1:06 PM
HI greg

goin to FLA and Savannah in jan and feb for some diving