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Adventurous Los Angeles divers who’s MO is diving the most unique sites the world has. Straight diving everywhere, No regular dive spots over and over. An evolving team based on safety that comes from constant hardcore diving. facebook hardcorediveteam are places to meet if you can’t find us on DiveBuddy. We’re doing a lot of volunteer dive work with California Ships to Reefs in exploration sink sites as CSTR Team Leader’s in all of Santa Monica Bay, with a "square mile" of 85 to 130fsw site near Star of Scotland wreck by Marina del Rey, and our newest site is close to Palawan wreck near Redondo’s King Harbor, that’s going to be one to watch or be a part of the research, we got clues that new artificial reefs are near. Having spent an 8 month detailed diving exploration, we put it on the map, Google earth, a new, yet very unknown altitude dive site! We’ll do it again!

We’re in USA and Canada. Anywhere there’s Hardcore diving going on, qualifies!

Island Dives, Shore Dives, Wreck Dives, Fresh Water Altitude Dives and Now International Dives, and after dives partying to make certain "no DCS" is creeping up!! If you want referrals to the best Charter Operations on the West Coast? Contact hardcorediveteam I promise you, you’ll be glad you did!


Socaldiver33 - 8/21/2015 9:51 AM
Im Chris Im a member of Hardcore Dive Team and founder of West Coast Dive Club if anyone is interested in joing our west coast club please click the link and join us here at I just posted an underwater event for coastal clean up day. Also after you join us on dive buddy please join us on facebook where we post all our up events and info and where you can find dive buddys at anytime. heres the link hope too see you in the water soon.