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A no-dues, no-profit San Diego scuba club that actually dives a lot!

This page is a PORTAL to the club. Be sure you click on the club link above or go here:

Explore familiar and brand new dive spots. We do regular fun dives (shore and boat) throughout San Diego county with an occasional trip out of country.

The emphasis is on safe diving within your personal limits. Advanced dives WILL be offered (P-38 or Hogan anyone?), but the theme of this group is always safe, fun, adventurous diving.

God knows there are enough dive clubs around who put on under-attended meetings at some run down bar or restaurant. We will be diving and only diving! (Alright... maybe a little partying as well!) Talking and sharing of information will usually occur directly before or after our dives (or on our Message Board).


BillPowers - 11/29/2013 12:00 PM
Power Scuba Friends,

I’m so very pleased to announce that our ten opportunity drawing event pages are now live!

Free trips to the Philippines and Palau, BCDs, boat trips, dive computer, regulators, and much more. We’ve gathered all the links to all the event pages on one page: Here. Go check it out!

I have to admit, there’s something of the Santa Clause in me. I
really get a kick out of obtaining these amazing prizes for you all...
and this year we have more goodies than ever before! My heartfelt
thanks to Ocean Enterprises, Rick’s Diving Locker, House of Scuba,
Oceanside Scuba & Swim Center, Atlantis Resorts, Fish ’N’ Fins,
Pacific Star, Horizon, Marissa, Waterhorse, our individual donors, and
all the participating manufacturers for their exciting support.

Drawing Event Page Listing

Many of you have shared something like, "I wanted to donate to the group ANYway, so this makes a good way to do it.".
We really appreciate this sentiment. These donations will comprise
the lion’s share of our working money for the coming year. If you love
what Power Scuba does and what we stand for why not join into one or
more of our TEN DRAWING PAGES... HOUSING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN PRIZES... and cover two bases at once: Helping your favorite group with a donation and having chances to win something awesome!

My very best to you all and Happy Holidays!

Bill Powers

Supreme Benchwarmer
BillPowers - 12/18/2013 8:53 AM
About week left in our Opportunity Drawing featuring thousands of dollars in scuba gear, boat trips, and RESORT TRIPS TO PALAU AND THE PHILIPPINES! Go to to sign up for a drawing now!
BillPowers - 12/03/2009 10:46 AM
Everyone DOES understand that this page is just a PORTAL to the club web site, yes? Joining here does you no good unless you join at the main web site as well. That is where all the action is!