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Fry’s Quary Danville PA
Posted by dshoem8129
Fry’s Quary Danville PA
dshoem8129 - 8/28/2011 10:02 PM
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The only diving that I get to do lately is when i am on an asignment that i get the weekend off and there happens to be a dive site and i can find a divebuddy. I travel a lot with my job. I do third party inspection on water tanks while they are being rehabed. Every time i go to a new place to work i look for a dive shop and try to hook up with some local divers. It does not always happen, but i get lucky sometimes.

I am working working on two water tanks in Berwick PA and i found a dive shop in Bloomsburg PA. I went in to the shop to get my tank filled and to see if they had a dive club or a buddy list that i could get on to find a divebuddy. The shop owner (Gary) said that they did not have a dive club but they did have a group of divers that like to dive on most weekends. He called around and asked a few of the regulars if they would be diving that weekend.

Gary called me two days latter to let me know that we all would be meeting at the shop at 0900 (that is 9 am) on Saturday. That weekend we made two dives on Saturday and i only made one on Sunday. The dive site is a privately owned Granet Quary. The only way to go there is to go through the Bloomsburg Dive Shop. The water temperature was 72 on the surface down to 25 feet and has several thurmoclines at 45 and 75 feet. The max depth is 91 feet. The visabilaty was about 45-50 feet.

This group of divers likes to dive every weekend. So far i have spent the last several weekends diving with these guys and have plans to dive a few more weekends with this group. So If you are ever in Bloomsburg, PA, I would sugest stoping in to chat with Gary and maybe hook up a dive.