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Wasted Trip
Posted by Muzz09
Wasted Trip
Muzz09 - 7/12/2011 9:53 PM
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Finally the day arrived! Diving for the second time with my son and Grand Daughter (his neice). 7mm wet for them rented dry for me, helping them them getting ready myself, all suited up and asked my daughter-in-law to do my zipper, no not my fly, well I found out that if you want a novice to do something you have to give explicit instructions. As she zipped me I was busy yakking to son and g’daughter. walked into the water and up to my waist and noticed I felt wet, now I usually sweat like crazy but not too much below the waist, DANG I’m leaking! Out of the water open the zipper only to notice she had only done the outside zipper! Ugggh, well I came to dive, and damn it I’ll dive. this time both zippers done, g’dtr is 12 and weighs about 80 lbs and she was cold so out she goes, leaves son and I yahoo... here we go! Hold on a second what is happening with my flow ..I live in Canada and I know this is good for cold water...oh ya... 44 degrees Farenheit.. now I’m really pissed off, so I decided to snorkle on the surface while son he’s cold, guess what...dive is over. wet ,shitty reg problems, and now I’m cold.. Man I love diving.