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O2 Fills in Florida
JeffQCScuba - 6/12/2011 12:22 PM
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Category: Equipment
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Over the past week I had a great time breaking in my new MkVI rebreather! Had some great dives in S. Florida and hit some of the more popular wrecks off Lauderdale that I haven’t seen in a year or two...

What shocked me (well kind of / sort of for S. Florida) was how lenient the dive shops were in regards to fills... I don’t want to share any names or tarnish any reputations so no shop names will be discussed!

Dive shop #1 - Had my 2x 23cuft faber cylinders with me. Appropriate Hydro, VIP, and marking stickers. However no valves as I just got off the plane. Went into store #1, showed them the tanks, showed them the cylinders were properly closed to prevent contamination, showed them the valves were kept in ziplocks to prevent contamination. Asked them if they could tighten in the valves and fill for me. NO PROBLEM! 1 hour later I left with an O2 fill and an air fill. Never had to show a c-card! Never was asked to analyze the fills! And Never asked to fill out a fill log! (I did ask to use their analyzer quickly before I left just so I wouldn’t have to drive back later).....

Dive shop #2 - Did ask for a c-card that would allow for pure O2! But
then when I went to pick up the tanks they didn’t feel that I needed
to analyze the tanks or fill out the fill log as it was pure O2! I insisted on analyzing both O2 content and pressure before leaving....

Anyone else find this as a norm? At my shop everyone (staff included) MUST log all non-air fills.



TColJeep - 6/12/2011 9:31 PM
Hey there Jeff, While on vacation in the Keys a couple of years ago, not only did I have to show a c-card and fill out the log, but I was quized on po2 levels. I get Nitrox fills up here in Suffolk County all the time and have never been asked for my card or to fill out a log, sometimes I am asked if I’d like to analyze the mix. I do but then check it again with my own analyzer when I get’em home.