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Lake Travis Austin Texas
Posted by KC5WBG
Lake Travis Austin Texas
KC5WBG - 10/03/2007 5:15 PM
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Category: Travel
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Well I survived another diving trip. Went to LAke Travis in Austin for the weekend with a couple of dive buddys and had a great time. We had 4 dives and i made my new depeth record at 107feet. I got bit by a catfish that thought my ear was food. It really didnt feel to good!! The water temp was 83. The visibilty was only about 10-15 feet at 35 feet or so. After about 75 feet down you needed a light to navigate. All in all it was a great weekend. Im now have 12 dives!!! Wow this is Fun!!!


SKEETER - 10/04/2007 7:23 AM
I don`t think you have to have a card to be an advanced diver that says your certified to go a 100 feet. What I was saying is if with you are with a group of divers that are experienced and dive at 100 feet as long as your safe and comfortable than thats good. On my 8th dive ever with a dive buddy who happends to be an instructor I dove on the Spiegel Grove at 130 feet. Over the next year I dove probably 25 times over 100 feet. I am an advanced diver now but only because I needed the card to go on a dive boat to go 100 feet. I thought Snappahead was challenging the fact that you went a 100 feet with only having a few dives. This why I said I don`t think you have to have a card as long as you keep improvong your skills, read up and dive with expereinced divers have fun and be safe.
will1295 - 10/03/2007 11:35 PM
I was with kc5wbg and we were with a diver who only needs 5 more dives for dive master. We were diving a planned dive with 3 divers to 100` and we were only at 100` for 5 min and we took 8 min to surface plus a 5 minute stop at 15` as a safety stop. This was not a bunch of rookies diving but a practice dive for an advanced course we are taking later on.
SKEETER - 10/03/2007 8:28 PM
I think that 100` whith 10 dives and with other divers exced the mumber of dives required to get advanced. It is the training you have and the divers you dive with that make the deffernet. Not the c card. If you are going to dive 100` study up and dive with experinced divers. Get the card whin you get a chanch. Have fun and be safe.
Snappahead - 10/03/2007 8:07 PM
Does SSI have different depth limits for Open Water vis a vis PADI or NAUI? 12 dives and 107 ft?