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First dive
Coho - 10/02/2007 2:28 PM
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Just for the fun of it, I`ll write a little about old dives from time to time. I don`t have many, so I might as well get more mileage out of what I have done. :) I was certified long ago in Korea. At least at that time, it was cheap to have things made, and our dive instructor had someone come who took all of our measurements to make us wet suits. All well and good, but I was (or so I felt at the time) a little chubby and was self-conscious about it. So I held my breath while being measured. Oops. The time came for our first open-water dive, on the beautiful east coast. Predictably, my suit was tight and I couldn`t breathe easily. Plus, we started by swimming out (as in "swimming," not "floating") before going down. The waves were hard to swim against and I began to feel panicked. Fortunately, I recognized the fact. "Self, you`re beginning to panic. That is bad. You`d better turn back so you don`t get in trouble." So it was that I swam back to shore, was told that I couldn`t go back out a second time, even though my head never went underwater. So that was the totality of my diving on that trip.