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Silicone strap repair?
Coho - 11/01/2007 5:11 PM
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Category: Equipment
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I cut halfway through my silicone dive mask strap. While I do have a replacement, I`d like to repair the first if possible. It happens I have some two-part molding silicone - would this work? If not, are there types of glue which would hold?


ReefHound - 11/06/2007 9:32 PM
OK, let`s say you`re on a remote island 1000 miles from civilization and there are no extra mask straps to be had and you`re desperate to save your dives. I`d sew it together using heavy duty thread and spacing the stitches about 1/8" apart, interlaced. Then maybe duct tape around the whole thing.
JollyRoger - 11/05/2007 10:42 PM
Try superglue around the mask seal where it contacts the face - that way it doesnt come off when the repaired strap breaks! LOL!! Throw the old busted one out or it has sentimental value then frame it and hang it on the wall, but there`s no repairing it and even if you could - you`d probably spend more on the adhesive than it would cost for a new strap. What your wanting to do just doesnt make good logical sense!!!
Coho - 11/04/2007 5:01 AM
I`m afraid I wasn`t clear in my original post: I already have a replacement strap on the mask. I just like fixing things. For that matter, while a broken strap would ruin a dive it`s not on the same level with, say, a malfunctioning regulator. Trained divers should be comfortable taking masks off and on underwater, or even operating without a mask in a crisis. At the same time, I take your point about the potential for things to go wrong at a difficult moment; that`s why it`s critical to use the right methods and materials.

For most people an inexpensive strap is not worth time and care to properly fix it. There`s the matter of researching the correct materials (if any), using the right methodology, and testing the result. (As one example, first extending the cut in a different direction prevents the tear from propagating through the good portion of the strap.) It`s a labor of love, not money. It`s not for everyone, but it`s fun.
Thanks for your concern.
ReefHound - 11/03/2007 10:16 AM
Sorry, didn`t mean to imply you were an idiot, just trying to stress to the utmost degree not to put your safety at risk even for a $500 item much less a $5 item.

Diving is safe... with proper functional gear. Avoid mickey mouse repair jobs and make-do equipment. Later when you get to Rescue class (which everyone should take), you`ll learn one of the most common causes of stress are gear problems. They tend to happen at the worst times. Your mask likely won`t break on a easy 20ft pond dive but on a 50ft ocean night dive in current.

I doubt it`s the money so perhaps your desire to repair is not knowing how to remove and replace the strap. It`s pretty easy, just note how the strap is threaded currently. Or take it to your LDS or instructor and they`ll probably do it for you for free. While you`re at it, consider getting a slap strap, much easier to get on and off especially if you have lots of hair.
Coho - 11/02/2007 11:30 PM
In fairness, I`m not an idiot and wasn`t saying I`m going to fix this come hell or high water. I was asking if people knew of materials which work. Apparently not.
ReefHound - 11/02/2007 12:26 PM
I`m astounded as to why you would expose yourself to a potentially serious underwater problem like losing your mask over such a trivial matter. Mask straps are what, maybe 10 bucks?