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Night Dive
Posted by dauerc
Night Dive
dauerc - 6/26/2006 12:00 AM
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Did a night dive at Higgins Lake last night (June 25, 2006). Like most night dives, pretty quiet and peacefull. Saw plenty of fish, a turtle burried in the sand at 25 feet, and a couple of mud puppys on our safety stop. My dive buddy, Morgan, had a slight leak on his inflator valve, but we both decided it wasnt bad enough to abort the dive, he will have it in the shop today to get it looked at. We did end the dive a little early as the water below the thermocline was very cold, and Morgan was getting a slight headache from it. Also, we both questioned our Dive computers (Kind of scary). We both use a Suunto Mosquito, he marked 39 Feet (Deepest depth) at 13 minutes, I marked 42 Feet at 11:13 Minutes. This was odd, because half way through the dive my computer was saying 10 minutes, hmmm, little alien intervention maybe? A stopping of time? The mosquito stops logging at 4 to 6 feet sometimes, but we should have had 20 minutes, below 20 feet for certain. Never had this happen before, I will do a few more semi-shallow dives to see if it was us, or the computer before hitting anything that might see us get injured.

I havent been in the water in 6+ months, so was amazed that my boyancy was close to perfect, the only thing that I had to remember as we came to shallow water was to regulate my breathing more, as I am a large guy with big lungs, my boyancy adjusts heavily in 20 foot of water just from breathing.

Will have to make it a point to get in the water more this summer, I realized on this dive (as I always do) that being underwater is the place I most enjoy being.