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Firehouse - North Shore 8 27 07
breyers - 8/27/2007 3:48 PM
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Category: Personal
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I meet with a new dive buddy from He is currently working on the island and I meet up with to venture out for some shore diving. We headed up the north shore and did a two tank dive. The first dive was Firehouse. The visibility was about 25ft – 30ft. It was little choppy out there. We entered through the rocky point and swam past the jetty of rock. We descend to about 30 ft and swam along the reef to deeper water. I lead us through the various swim-thoughs. I could not find any octopus or turtles. I checked the air supply various times through the dive to ensure he was ok, since it was out first time diving together. At one point we were within 300 psi of each other. So when I got to 1800 psi, I turned us to head back in to shore. He followed me back, snapping pics on the way back. (I didn’t bring my camera this time). So the joy of navigation begins, I brought us over crab heaven. (This is my name for it; it is an area of rocks covered with little crabs crawling over the place.) I head the right bearing but was getting push to the right more than I realized. As we are swimming close to shore, I do another air check. At this time, I have about 1100 psi, my buddy was back there sucking down the air. He was down to 500 psi. (He paid for it, why not use it all). We at this point, I surface in about 10ft of water and realized my navigation skills need some work. I was about 30 ft from my exit. Not to bad for someone who has only dove this site twice now. Overall, very nice reef and decent conditions.


ScubaMike - 12/28/2007 12:13 PM
Firehouse is an ok dive. Sharks Cove is a good dive too which is only 200 meters North of Firehouse. From the Cove, if you head North over the first reef, you`ll find some good overhangs and critters. Also, I you haven`t done it yet (I`m sure you have) but Electric Beach is on ok Dive too. But my favorite is the "Blow Hole" on the South East Shore. If you haven`t been there be careful because it can be rough on the surface. Depending on the conditions it`s an intermediate Dive.