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A good day at BlueWater
silverback69 - 8/25/2007 8:26 PM
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Our dive trip started at 1:00 pm and right off the bat I found DiverTiger. A few minutes later bcrab63 found us. I had placed signs on my vehicle so that helped us meet up. We waited around until about 1:20 or 1:30 to see if anyone else would show up then headed into the shop to rent our stuff. Boy were we lucky; we got the last 3 tanks available. I think next time I`ll rent a tank from scubaventures inc. to ensure I have a tank. On our first dive we went down to the first platform and fed a bunch of fish with some hotdogs that DiveTiger had brought. Once those were gone, we headed on down the rope to find the bus which was at about 60 feet. The visibility was pretty bad and due to the temp being pretty cold past the 2nd thermalcline, we decided not to do that area. We wandered around and got the lay of the land (or water). We all did our thing and practiced going thru some pvc diamonds. Later we found the dolphin and explored the large pipes that they have sunk. At that point we were at our pre determined air limit so we went up and rested/ate etc while our tanks were refilled. For our second dive, we went to the opposite side of the quarry and dove on a bunch of cars and boats. It was right at the first thermalcline, but it wasn`t too cold we we swam all around them, even doing under one of the boats. At that point we had our first minor equipment failure... equipment not wardrobe failure. LOL My mouth piece was getting old and one of the bite wings broke off in my mouth. I signaled that I had a problem and that we should surface. We did our safety stop as usual (which went much better than our first dive - we were a bunch of bobbing yo-yo`s the frist time). Up at the top, I inspected my reg and after see that it was ok, and that I just had to sort of keep a hand on it to make certain it didn`t slip out of my mouth, we swam on. We even saw a turtle. It was bcrab69 who spotted it first. You know what? I`m pretty sure that sucker was surfacing far to fast. hehe. It was pretty neat. At this point we were all getting a little fatigued so we headed on back. It was nearing 5:00 pm when we drug our sorry butts out of the water and up the hill. On the way out, we ran into wlewis, who was doing a nitrox class that day. His class ran later than he thought, so he couldn`t join us, but he will be able to join us next time. Oh almost forgot. It was starting to storm a little while we were out there. We decided to be a little daring and dove aways, since the lightning was several miles away. One time while were were underwater, a flash did hit close enough that we were able to see it while we were 30-40 feet down.


bcrab63 - 8/26/2007 8:31 PM
Great report! Seeing the lightning strike was kinda cool from underwater, but it was a little scary. Also, you forgot to say that we practiced compass navigation during the second dive. It took us a little while to get our bearings straight, but we eventually ended up at our desired destination. All in all, it was a good afternoon, and it was also a great opportunity to practice and fine tune our diving skills. I look forward to meeting up at Blue Water with your guys again soon!