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Lake Rawlings
Posted by bluemist
Lake Rawlings
bluemist - 8/19/2007 10:25 AM
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Category: Travel
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Went down to the lake on aug 12 & 13. Followed friends Larry and Linda down. My first time down there, it was about a three hour drive, or so. The diving was great. What i liked the most was the easy in and out of the lake. I used a small hand truck to strap my tank and bc on and wheeled it down to the water. With the dock there you can just back up into your bc. the clarity of the water was good and the temps were good. I was concerned i would get anxious since i hadnt been in the water since last year. My main objective was to get comfortable, relax and breath corectly. I was with two people i trusted and didnt feel paranoid or imbarressed to make a comment or ask dumb questions. They stayed within arms length at all times. Last year i had some problems with breathing too hard and not being able to stay down........With Larry and Linda`s help i was able to relax, breath and stay down. I am stoked!!!! I was able to enjoy what the lake has to offer. I went inside a truck, rode a hobie horse, went through a square, touched the boats, looked and watched larry and linda on the school bus etc. I look forward to the next time they let me tag along.....Thanks for your hospitality and guidence, my confidence in myself has been lifted......


DalelynnSims - 8/19/2007 6:25 PM
Glad that you enjoyed the lake, Remember that Dive Fest is this coming weekend and the prizes are great, BCD`s, Tanks, Wetsuits, Regulator sets, and much much more. I hope that you can be there. I will be visiting Dutch Springs that weekend and other than work the dive fest again there is not much for me to do as we have many volunteers for the event. Be back down there working the dock in a couple weeks, until then

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