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Diver’s D\Lyte Launch this weeknd!!
diverdown53 - 5/14/2010 7:58 PM
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Diver’s D\Lyte-Hydration + Energy Drink for Divers

Diver’s D\Lyte® is a nutritional drink specifically formulated for the diver. Divers should drink it up to 3-4 times per day before, between and after dives. Diving is a sport that requires strength, endurance, and coordination in extreme environments. Temperature, pressures and exercise burn calories and tax the body. Scuba divers de-hydrate underwater using up their stores of electrolytes, vitamins, and amino acids.
Diver’s D\Lyte® quickly replenishes these essential elements and supports the metabolic pathways crucial to energy and focus. The added precursors help to protect the cells and organs most challenged by the scuba diver. The natural ingredients will support healthy cell respiration and remove harmful free radicals, super-oxides and nitrogenous wastes that form in the body.
Diver’s D\Lyte® will help the body convert energy more efficiently, enhance the function of the lungs, liver, kidneys, and cardio vascular system and help mental acuity.
The unique formulation will provide a subtle source of energy by supporting the (Krebs Cycle) and (Urea Cycle) deep in the body. Like all cells in the body the mitochondria (the highly efficient energy cells) weaken as we age. The cells become more porous with time and stress allows super oxides to develop and escape from the cytoplasm out into surrounding tissue. The free radicals wreak havoc causing damage that reduces form and function. This is even more likely to occur under the considerable physical stress and atmospheric changes of scuba diving. The unique blend of antioxidants will mop up the free radicals. This allows for less interference in whole body systems and reduces fatigue. The non-caffeinated product allows a continuous flow of energy without the peaks and troughs of other energy drinks. The proprietary blend protects the cell walls in the major organs providing better continuous function while reducing leakage leading to improved cellular activity.
Mix Diver’s D\Lyte 0.28oz. (8g) with 1 liter of water before, during & after a dive.

Reduce Fatigue & Dehydration which could lead to decompression sickness.

Kathy Dowsett, PADI certified diver