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Diving in La Paz BCS Mexico!!!
Posted by Sea-lion
Diving in La Paz BCS Mexico!!!
Sea-lion - 4/30/2010 5:47 PM
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For years we were already planning to go to Mexico and finally we did it! We went to the Baja Sur and stayed 6 days in La Paz, after we drove down to Cabo San Lucas where we stayed 2 days, then to Cabo Pulmo for 2 days and up again back to La Paz.

We always want to dive in our vacations, especially when it’s to a warm place!! So we booked 5 days of diving in La Paz with a company called Baja Aventuras ( I have to say it was a great experience!! We did so many nice dives and I really fell in love with those sea lions! There are amazing, so much fun! They play with you, act like little puppies and bite in your wetsuit (we now used 5mm and that was perfect) but luckily softly!

Also we went to some wrecks and we loved to go to the Fang ming wreck, we always saw turtles there and a lot of fish! For the rest, we saw so many coloured fish! wow! and big big schools of sardines, yellow tails etc. I also loved the sea horses!

The company Baja Aventuras gave us great service, we were really satisfied! The owners are a nice friendly couple, the captain is a friendly guy who likes to help and the divemaster is awesome! He showed us the best places and really listened to our wishes! Also the boat was a really comfortable diveboat, which is important since the divespots are like an hour and half away from shore. We really liked that they kept the groups of divers small, max. 6, and they never put divers and snorkelers together, which is especially nice for the snorkelers. Most of the days we were with 2 other divers only, so just the 4 of us, this was great!!

We made 2 dives a day and for the interval they took us to a paradise beach, white sand, clear blue water and nobody around! what’s not to love? There we got a really nice baguette and there were always cold drinks/sodas available at the boat.

2 of the 5 days they took us as a surprise, after the two dives, to see the whalesharks!! Woohoo!! this was soo amazing! I never saw a whaleshark before and now we snorkeled one day with 5 and a other day with 7 of them!! An experience of a lifetime!

Good job Baja Aventuras, you guys made my vacation a success!!

After these 5 days we rented a car and drove down to Cabo San Lucas, the drive down is beatiful! Full of empty paradise beaches!
We were a little shocked by Cabo since it’s so different from what we’ve seen on this trip. Cabo is a touristic party city! We had to find our way a bit, but after we joined the partying! We like Cabo wabo!! Since we went off to party, we decided to not dive in Cabo San Lucas.

After the party days we went to Cabo Pulmo and we landed in a different world again! So pretty and quiet! There are only a few dive centers, restaurants and little hotels, it was the end of the world, loved it!
We went diving 1 day (or morning, since the dive spots are close to shore) with a company called Cabo Pulmo Dive center and it was really nice! We saw a huge stingray, at least 1 meter wide! awesome! and of course the reef there is amazing, so pretty!!
Too bad we didn’t had time to stay longer, because we had to go back to La Paz to catch our flight back home!

But I want to say, everybody, go to Baja Sur Mexico and especially La Paz, it’s great!!!