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My dive info
Posted by MisterP
My dive info
MisterP - 4/16/2010 10:44 PM
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My dive infoI started diving in 1983 with a couple resort dives in Hawaii. Got certified in 1984 and took a lot of classes ’84-’86, Did advanced open water, night, wreck, rescue, "equipment specialist" (do they still have that?) and a couple more to qualify for the "Master Scuba Diver" rating. Finished up with a Divemaster course but never worked as one. My group of buddies I met through taking all those classes kind of faded away after we did the Divemaster class and about that time I got involved in another expensive and time intensive hobby. After a long time away I took a refresher course in January 2010 and have diving ever since. I’m at about 140 dives all time.