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Frio River 2/9/10
Diver_Down - 2/10/2010 11:13 PM
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9 Feb 2010: Frio River-Yeargen’s Riverbend (Concan, TX)
Date: 9 Feb 2010
Location: Frio River- Yeargan’s Riverbend (Concan, TX)
Weather: 48 (f), sunny
Water: 20+ viz, temp 55-57 (f)
Max Depth: 8’
Bottom Time: 65 minutes
Equip: 7/5mm jumpsuit, hood, gloves, boots

Dive number 49 for me. My dive meet up with a buddy didn’t work out on Monday, so I ventured to the local river Tuesday to see what the rains had brought us. I haven’t dove at Riverbend since last summer so I decided to check it out.

I entered the water at the south end of the campground and waded over where vacationers have strategically placed rocks to create a current via channel. I inflated my bc and dropped into the current for a great 30 second roller-coaster ride to begin the dive. The viz was great and temps were normal. The rains didn’t do much for bringing up water levels, but have created a better flow.

Shortly into the dive I realized what a terrible friend I have been to all of you. I knew it was Tuesday, and altough I have invited you to join me for diving during the week, I knew you’d be at work. It’s then that I realized a true friend would have kidnapped you from work and shown you this wonderful world. I would have taken video to share what you missed out on, but I again fumbled and said to myself "No, I don’t need my camera today, let’s just see what it looks like." (When you dive solo you begin talking to yourself a lot.)

I enjoyed a nice 65 minute dive secluded in a world known only to the fish and turtles who were curiously watching me like I was straight out of an episode of X-Files. It was awesome to be drifting along and thinking "Wow, I don’t hear any phones ringing." (Again, the interdialogue thing). At the end of the dive I couldn’t help but claw my way back up current to my entry point to ride that roller-coaster one more time. It was an awesome dive and a great time was had by all (me, myself, and I).

Next week may be a dive on Monday with a new buddy at Amistad and/or Tuesday with a regular buddy at Canyon Lake, hopefully both!

Stay safe, stay wet.