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Dry Suit
Monterey, CA
Posted by dalwhinnie
Monterey, CA
dalwhinnie - 1/04/2010 1:37 PM
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Just back from our west coast holiday trip to Sacramento. Dove Monterey Bay and Stillwater Cove while we were there. I can only say, Cold. I intended to get my Dry Suit certification out of the way while we were in Sacramento. But that turned out to be a fiasco. I was too tall/big for the largest dry suit the facility had. I was working with Dolphin Scuba in Sacramento and they only have upto XXL in Dry Suits which is what I wear in wet suits but I needed an XXXL. I’m 6’3" 230 lbs. So I dove Monerey and Stillwater in a wet suit.

The actual dives wer fine but I was so cold after an adequate surface interval that a second dive was the furthest thing from my mind. I was thinking hot toddies.

The two dives I did were great. Lots to see and the saltwater dive with the water surge was a great new experience; diving lights, dive tool, kelp forest, etc. All in all I had two great dives in a wonderful location and I experienced many new creatures underwater on a one to one basis. I look forward to a return trip with my dry suit certification behind me.

I dove with steel 72’s. I recommend new divers dive with 90’s. You will need the air. I did run out of air one my first dive. I was navigating back to the boat and I had surfaced to 15 feet since I was running low. I was able to breath until I hit the surface but my computer said 0 psi on it.

I was diving with an experienced diver and I felt very comfortable in the new environment. He was a big help and we had a great time.

PS. I visited Backscatter in Monetery, wow what a wonderful place. Very helpful staff. I loved all the old underwater photo gear they had. I could have spent hours just loking at the old gear.