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Help our dive shop change the lives of these children
khaolakscuba - 12/17/2009 5:12 PM
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Wicked Diving - Improving our community

Here in Khao Lak, there are dozens of nice resorts and restaurants. There are many dive shops to choose from, and plenty of activities to occupy the sunny days on the beaches.

Sadly, there is also still poverty. Much of the poverty is found in the communities of migrant Burmese laborers. Much of the construction, cooking and manual labor in this region is done by these people. Not only being horribly underpaid, but also suffering from abuses by nefarious bosses. They have even encountered deadly conditions to get here...(54 Burmese victims of Human Trafficking suffocate in truck...50km form Khao Lak)

Even lower down are their children. They are often allowed only rudimentary education and virtually no health care.

Fortunately there is an incredible program here in Khao Lak that has set up a series of schools through out the area. GHRE Grassroots is working to promote education, human rights, and the development of safe, working environment for Burmese people in Thailand. Their projects are currently focused on the welfare and development of Burmese People in the tsunami-affected areas in southern Thailand.

In Khao Lak they have set up a special school for the most promising of the students. These
17 students are not only working hard at their education, but to help their community and family move out of these desperate situations.

Wicked Diving is actively supporting this project as well! Not only have we supplied materials, their outfits and special outings for these amazing kids - but we also participate in their education.

Today Kathi and Filip (wicked staff) and current divemaster trainees Jos and Annette conducted a participatory lecture on Freshwater vs. Saltwater.

Wicked Diving is more than just great Similan Diving. We try harder to reduce our impact and improve the world around us (above and below the water). Aside from the organic products used on Similan Liveaboard we also offer educational tours unlike any other dive center.

Here is Jos attempting to show how the two types of water can actually be different densities (using dyed water)

We try to not only take part in helping our local community, but in also teaching all our staff and Professional Training students (like Jos & Annette) that diving is actually more than simply looking at fish.

Here Is Filip trying (and failing) to impress the kids with different temperatures of fluids :)

The kids still learned heaps and had a great time!

Filip is actively working with GHRE to find where Wicked Diving can best spend our time, energy and funding.

While the kids had time in the classroom - we also had activities time when we applied this knowledge (and had more fun)

Each year Wicked diving uses 10% of our profits to help these (and other) NGO’s in this area. Each time you dive with us, you are making a difference.

After the day was done - we also handed out some marine life dolls animals (fake ones!)

We will keep you updated about our other visits to the school.

But more importantly - you can help right now!

The Global Giving Challenge allows you the opportunity to make a direct impact on the lives of these children! You can make a simple donation Here. AS you can see the costs are VERY low. This is not an organization with a huge overhead - this is actually going directly to the kids. This is why Wicked Diving vigorously supports the work the GHRE does. If we all work together to get this extra bit of money - then GHRE will have a permanent place on the Global Giving website, allowing them a great opportunity to continue raising funds that are often hard to access for this small operation.

You can also visit their website here

Please enjoy your holiday season!

-Similan Diving