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Saga of the new diver continued
Silvertongue - 10/31/2009 11:13 PM
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Well, it was a beautifull October day. A lovely day for a quick shallow dive to do some pumkin carving. She was sooo looking forward to this, especially since it was the first time she actually gets to use her new "Malibu Barbie B.C." (yeah, she’s small) she was ready to go when I pulled in. Yeah, so, it was a little windy but that’s what wet suits are for right? We showed up at the Lake of Dreams campground (late of course) and pulled out are gear and started getting our gear ready. We made the short, duck walk, down to the water and in we went, out to the swim area bouys, hollowed out pumkin in tow, regulator in mouth she tucks and rolls under the rope....and comes up PURPLE!!! (I did mention it was a windy October day didn’t a wetsuit?)

"Holy frickin frack that’s cold!!!"

"Well, um,’s October."

But, being the good parental type person I am, I let her decide. A decision made mostly by her inability to feel her lip when intentionally bitten. After the rest of the divers came out of the water (gleefully stripping off their dry suits) the judging of the pumkins was done while we packed up our wet but generally unused gear. Out of morbid curiosity I asked one of the guys what the temp was while carving....54 degrees at depth, pretty much what the air was outside and definately no colder than the water during her open water dive at Gilboa. least she tried and was completely submerged before making the decision that it was too much for her, which is more than I can say for my other dive buddy..... CHRIS!!!!