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Mayhem at 35ft!!!!
lreese2 - 8/18/2009 1:23 AM
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Mayhem at 35ft!!!!I’ve gone out to Breakwater in Monterey twice this month to try out my new camera. The first day was Aug 2nd. There were jellies everywhere! All different kinds. Most were floating around on the surface and I got a few good pics. I posted them in my photos. I went again on the 13th and to my shock, all the jellies were being held down on the bottom and being eaten by starfish! I didn’t know starfish ate jellies! There were hundreds of them! All being held down by the tentacles! I posted one pic where it really shows how the starfish "catch" the jellies. Unfortunatley it a crappy picture, but hey, I’m still working on the camera! Check out my photos.