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Orlando Florida
Certification Dives
Posted by DieselDan
Certification Dives
DieselDan - 6/15/2007 12:00 AM
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Hello, just thought I would jot down a little blog about my 4 Open water certification dives. We went to Millbrook Quarry in Haymarket VA on 5-19-07. It was amazing how many divers were actually there, especially considering it was said to be very cold there this time of year. Our first 3 dives had a max depth of 40 feet. My first dive under open water was absolutely amazing. At about 15 feet, we had sunnies and blue gills swimming aroung our heads, they seem to be less affraid of you under wather than on land. But at 20 feet we hit the thermocline, and wow, what a drop in temperature. On the platform at 30 feet, my computer read 42 degrees. and man kneeling on that platform doing our skills was cold. Mainly it was my face, and my hands. But by the third dive we finished our skills, and had the opportunity to dive to a sunken boat, AWSOME! While we were down there we saw a rocking horse, Ben Franklin, and a swing set. I must say it was the best experience I ever had, and that was at 5 foot visibility. I can only imagine what it would be like in clear water. But I have the itch, and my gear on order, so I can`t wait until my next dive!