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Finishing two specialities
georoc01 - 6/03/2007 12:00 AM
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Yesterday I dove at the Chatfield Resevoir in Denver. I was finishing up two of the specialties, Peak Performance Bouancy and Altitude. It was my first shore dive and entry was relatively easy. Depth was a max of 25-30 feet. Visibility was tough, 3 feet at good times, 0 many others. Lost my buddy twice where we had to surface and find each other. My buddy was working on his search and rescue so for most of my dives, I was shadowing him. Interesting Specialty there in that in many ways its an advanced navigation class in doing a search pattern plus having to tie knots around an object, inflate a lift bag and then return the object to the shore. The problem was when you touched the bottom to get the object, visibility would go to zero. The other problem is letting air out of the lift bag as you get to more shallow depths at one point we had to let the object float to the surface and come back and get it once we surfaced. Air temps in the upper 70`s with water temps in the low 60`s. Other than for classes, I can`t see diving here again. I think I would rather do reviews in the pool to keep my skills in shape.