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Recommanded Specialities for Instructors
WolfeDiver - 7/09/2015 4:59 PM
Category: Training
Replies: 8

Being New to the PADI System, I am looking at some the various specialties that PADI offers, so I was looking at some the would recommend.. I have looked at the following:

Deep Diver
Multilevel Diver
U/W Naturalist
Curtis - 7/10/2015 11:46 AM
How about "Master Bell & Whistle Buyer" ;-D
WolfeDiver - 7/10/2015 12:13 PM
The IDC I am doing includes MSDT Prep with 5 Specaility instructor certs. So I was trying to get honest suggestions ... My bad
caves4me - 7/10/2015 6:47 PM
Might as well throw in Self Reliant Diver.
Curtis - 7/10/2015 11:00 PM
> The IDC I am doing includes MSDT Prep with 5 Specaility instructor certs. So I was trying to get honest suggestions ... My bad

Sometimes wisdom is offered as humour.

Maybe a more politically correct answer would be what skills would benefit my students in my area or for their desired areas.

But, I’m not very politically correct, likely to give answers / honest opinions that some may not like, tact attempted.
RAWalker - 7/19/2015 1:06 AM
skip multilevel and naturalist
take Altitude, wreck, search & recovery, DPV, O2 provider, U/W Digital Photo and Video
caves4me - 7/19/2015 5:12 AM
I actually had a lot of success with U/W Digital and Video photography.
Hawkeye54 - 8/27/2015 10:26 AM
My vote goes to the following, if you’re not already committed:

Enriched Air
UW Digital Photography
Search & Recovery

Based on what I teach, Enriched Air Diver is by far the most common requested specialty and based on where I teach, Drysuit is 2nd most popular. PBB Is included with your OWSI and that’s one of my most valuable offerings as well. PADI’s UW Naturalist, IMO, is not a good value to anybody so unless you’re looking for a no-brainer cert to round out MSDT, I’d pass on it. Multilevel is only a reverberation of using dive tables that we already learned to use in Open Water Diver, and being that most divers dive with computers now days - I’d skip that too.

I don’t get very many requests for UW Search & Recovery, but the fundamentals taught in it are good practice for anybody who "tinkers" underwater: Be it spearfishing, lobstering, building docks, or just collecting stuff.
tstormdiver - 8/27/2015 7:13 PM
The ones I see the most interest in is:
Pretty much in that order