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How to Choose the Best Wetsuits
MikeYi - 7/09/2009 1:49 AM
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Wearing the proper wetsuit will help you experience comfort as well as gain confidence during your diving activity. Wetsuits offer divers the best thermal protection for the body as it traps a layer of water against your skin. The water is then warmed by body heat and becomes an insulator and protects the body from cold water.


A wetsuit is made of neoprene. Therefore, the warmth it gives is dependent upon the thickness of this material. Manufacturers use different thickness for the various parts of the suit. However, the largest size or thickness for wetsuits is 6 millimeters.


It is also important to choose one that fits you perfectly; one that hugs your body like no other, unless you want the suit to hang loosely on your body. Most of today’s new models of these diving suits are made of synthetic neoprene and lined with spandex fibers that provide not only comfort but also additional flexibility.


Although wetsuits differ in size, shape, flexibility, and quality, you can make sure that you choose only the best one for you by following several suggestions.


Your Wetsuit Style

A wetsuit can either be full-body, three-fourths with only half of the arms and legs covered, or two-piece. Recreational divers are usually advised to use the “shorties”, or the three-fourths, while the two-piece wetsuit is meant primarily for cold water dives. Professional divers use the full wetsuits.


Choose According to Your Needs

Your choice of wetsuit will also depend on your diving needs. Make sure that your wetsuit fits your body perfectly so that your flexibility is heightened even when underwater. Snuggly fit wetsuits also help improve insulation. However, make sure that you are comfortable with its thickness so that it doesn’t feel bulky underwater.