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Help.....Mantay Ray Hunters About!
Lowings - 4/25/2006 12:00 AM
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Help.....Mantay Ray Hunters About!DIVERS SANCTUARY REEF:(The Altar) Just infront of the property. Average Depth::20m(65ft) Maximum Depth:35m(115ft) Generally calm, among the resident is the blue moray eel,grouper, crossed eyed lobster (I named Bruno) damselfish,cardianl fish, goatfish,goby, jack and trevally, moorish idol, parrotfish, pipe fish. snapper. wrasse fish,batfish,barracuda, hog fish,colorful feather stars, soft coral, frogfish,nudibranchs,mooray eels, sea cocumber,tuna, spanish mackerel,barell sponges, anemones with clown fishes lots of colourful soft coral and sponges. Manta rays nesting on the sandy area, giant turtles helping themselves with my newly planted Kappa Cottonii (seaweeds) abundance pelagics by the cave and watch out for the thresher shark as local fishermen already killed one last year 200 meters away from the resort. I need more Ambassadors, a voice to help me save this beautiful creatures of the deep. Dont forget to visit the `The Altar` that I dedicated to this place on my 25th wedding anniverssary. This site is my favourite dive site in this this planet. Floating kubo available for rent in the site.You can also order refreshment and foods from my pavilion restaurant and eat at the kubo. visit me at