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Paradise Rock
Posted by AnaLuna
Paradise Rock
AnaLuna - 5/16/2007 12:00 AM
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Paradise Rock, atakeoff of "Rock Island", as Bermuda is refered to by its many fans. Although Bermuda is thought of first as the centre of the "Bermuda Triangle", (which is not correct, rather Bermuda is one corner, the other two being Miami and Ptp Rico), and 2nd as a very well healed place with all being just so and quite to do, which is largely correct as Bermuda is one of the best presented places one will ever visit.. Abord our 45` sailing catamaran s/v Ana Luna we offer exciting relaxation exploring Bermudas fantastic marine environment both above and below the sea level. Favorite dives include the largest collection of shipwrecks in the atlantic ocean along with the best of shallow reef environment which features the best groups to my sight of Parrotfish, Corals, Large Mature fish especially Groupers and Tarpins and shipwrecks. Ana Luna does a lot of sailing as well, exploring bermudas many coves and caves and anchoring up in some sweet spots. We will be sailing and diving virtually every day this summer so give us a ring and come down to "Paradise Rock"