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Divers Prayer
seawolfdiving - 5/15/2007 12:00 AM
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Divers Prayer Many of the divers that I know and have come into contact with are deeply spiritual individuals who have a strong sense of who they are and why they are here. Most, whether they dive for work, public safety or sport, have a strong commitment to what they are doing. Additionally, many exhibit a strong faith of a spiritual self and a Higher Power.

I believe that all of these qualities contribute to our ability, as divers and as people, to venture into the aquatic realm, and experience all that it is, in relative safety, confidence, consideration and respect. I believe that these qualities mold our attitude about how we pursue and exercise our diving skills and how we interact with this environment and its regular inhabitants.

Our spirituality and faith are often expressed in prayer. Many of us offer prayer before and after our diving activities so that we might ask for safety, guidance and success or to offer thanks to our Higher Power.

I believe that prayer affirms the three greatest gifts given to human kind; these gifts being Faith, Hope and Love. Faith in a Higher Power and our relationship with that power. Hope that our higher power will provide us with the grace, strength and serenity to handle all the circumstances of our lives. Love - to pray demonstrates caring, concern and love for ourselves, our family, our community and other beings in general. Additionally, through prayer we can gain focus and perspective.

In short, for many of us prayer provides that connection to all those great gifts that exist in this world as well as a connection to our spiritual inner self.

I have been searching for a Divers Prayer do you know one? Will you share it with us, please?

Seawolf sends regards