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WhaleSharks in Mexico !!!
yukacaver - 4/23/2009 1:29 AM
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In Mexico we have a season where you can do snorkeling with the whalesharks. That is from June to August. They don’t move fast and they are friendly. By far a great experience !!! I try to go every year.

You can take the trip from Cancun. They are many companies to take the tour. It is an all-day trip. Normally the trip includes round tranportation, lunch and soft drinks. They use fast boats.



yukacaver - 4/26/2009 4:58 PM

The Whale shark trip is one day tour. They pick you up from your hotel to Punta Sam, Tha is like 30 minutes from the hotel zone. There you’ll get in the boat to the whale shark area. That is like another hour by boat. Around 2 hours of snorkeling. Sometimes you can see dolphins in the way and they stop to swim with them or just to take pictures. Also in the way back sometimes you can get close of the flamingos areas. You’ll be back in your hotel like 5 o’clock in the evening.
Jlauria - 4/26/2009 3:37 PM
lucky I was in cabo san lucas in late april I did a few dives nothing real good. But that would have been awesome.
LatitudeAdjustment - 4/26/2009 8:34 AM

You can’t fly direct to Holbox, there are buses or if you have a group take a van from Cancun. It’s a long ride followed by a ferry ride, it’s a small town where everyone walks or uses a golf cart.

Invest in a dry snorkel because you are going to be breathing hard trying to keep up with them. Mexico has rules limiting how many snorkelers with each whaleshark, time limits and no touching. You also need to wear flotation, a wet suit or vest will do other wise you’ll need to wear a lifejacket and that will slow you down!

In Holbox and most other places whalesharks are feeding on the surface so scuba won’t help. Other than chance encounters the only place I know where you can count on scuba diving with them is at Darwin Arch in the Galapagos.

Galapagos trip divided by whalesharks seen = $1000.oo each, is that $175 looking better? And where did you get that price? I paid $350 for a three day trip including van from Cancun and then back to PDC, we then to
Argonaut - 4/23/2009 10:36 AM
I would prefer to dive rather than snorkle with the whale sharks. Do any of the dive shops have dive trips with the whale sharks?
scubaman - 4/23/2009 8:49 AM
What’s the cost from San Antonio?
csemenko - 4/23/2009 6:33 AM
Do you know anyone who charges less than $175 to snorkel? Thanks