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Instructional Games
DalelynnSims - 4/26/2007 12:00 AM
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Category: Educational
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Instructional GamesI posted this on another list and am hoping that the instructors here may benifit from it as well as provide their .02cf worth.

Ok all as I do not post much I guess it’s my turn to return the favor for some of the good things that I have gleamed from the I2I group.

All games, like the one that I am about to introduce, are there to help students get comfortable in the water while concentrating less on the actual skill it takes to perform the game by doing it. As instructors this is what we strive for, doing the skills as second nature.

This game takes some prep on your part and cost under $20 to set up. Using a length of ½ inch PCV pipe and connectors. Cutting the PVC Pipe to various lengths, I can give them to you if needed so that you have exactly what you need, and the various 45 and 90 degree connectors you can make a variety of shapes. Square, Rectangle, hexagon, house shaped and others, six in all.

I have a vinyl slate with the shapes all numbered, before we enter the water I ask the students to give me a number between 1 and 6 and then reveal the shapes and the one they need to make underwater.

On a platform or flat bottom of the pool the objective is to create the shape without touching the bottom other than to pick up the items they need. Additionally they are to kick so that do not disturb the items scattered in the skill area. This takes buoyancy and a understanding of the impact of various kicks to accomplish. As the PVC pipe is cut into Different lengths sometimes they work a bit harder at the task as all the various lengths will not work with each geometrical design assigned.

If you have an exceptional scuba diver class and surely on the advanced class I introduce the same thing at least twice. Once at the beginning of the advanced class as it helps me know where the students ability are and is a good ice breaker. Then I introduce it again, if not ask by the students, however this time I use bag two. In this bag are the same items as described above . . . with a twist. Some of the PVC pipes are filled with weight, like in the soft weights, and sealed. This requires them to adjust buoyancy as they go. Sneaky but it’s a great time and they learn things they don’t even realize they are learning.

Best Fishes!!


Kirkpfeil - 4/26/2007 12:00 AM
I think this could be a very cool thing to use for a multitude of reasons for beginners to professionals...Keep great information like this coming!!! thanks, Kirk