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Interested in becoming a Divemaster
DalelynnSims - 10/30/2007 6:13 AM
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Category: Educational
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Sorry this was to long to respond as a comment:

Becoming a Divemaster is likely the most challenging and fun thing that you can do in diving. It open doors to the physics and physiological changes that are incurred with diving. The curriculum that the Divermaster course covers will position you to go further if you choose as this is the point that you put all the things together, theory, math, experience, etc. that will help you become an instructor if you so choose. The only part that is missing is the how to teach and being a Divemaster allows for you to begin to interact with students as well as instruct for some classes. Had I known about diving when I was in school algebra would have made more sense to me as I would have had something to apply it to. Whatever you choose, becoming a Divemaster will help open the doors to many possibilities. Study hard and do not limit yourself to the course curriculum. I know I challenged my instructor but I got loads out of that and I can attest to the fact that it has made me a better instructor for doing so. If I can assist you in any way by passing on information please do not hesitate to ask. You however find that our instructor(s) are likely more than willing to do the same. A variety however is always great as well.

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