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Scuba Marketing 101: Advertising vs. Organic Growth vs. Public Relations
Greg - 2/18/2009 9:13 AM
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An effective marketing campaign should include 3 areas: advertising, organic growth, public relations. Advertising is promotion through magazine, radio, and online banner/text ads. Advertising attracts an audience that isn’t directly looking for your product or service, but becomes interested when they see or hear your message. Organic growth is promotion through your existing customer base. Offering coupons and asking for referrals are forms of organic growth. Public relations is promotion through articles, reviews, recommendations and blogs.

To compliment your existing marketing campaign or to begin one from scratch, we suggest you take a look We offer unique services that you should add to your marketing arsenal.

Through, you can participate in scuba forums, share photos and stay-in-touch with existing customers through comments and direct messages. These services help improve your organic growth. DiveBuddy also offers you the ability to maintain a blog. Write about changes in your business, new products/services, past dive drips, upcoming events, etc. Every article you write that provides substance to a reader is a form of public relations. Of course if you’re interested, you can also choose to advertise with us through banner ads.

Evaluate your marketing campaign today to ensure you’re taking advantage of the free, powerful tools available to you. For more information on or to exchange marketing ideas, contact Greg.

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