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Posted by DIVER_507
DIVER_507 - 4/12/2007 12:00 AM
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Category: Travel
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Hi guys

I recently returned from the wild coast . I planned a great dive trip to do some dives on ALIWAL SHOAL , PROTEA BANKS , UMKOMAAS, UMSHLANGA, .WELL MOTHER NATURE HAD OTHER IDEAS HHAHAHAH. As you know every 18 years the earth gets hit with a planetary alighnment , WELL i didnt know this ?! My fisrt day of diving was cancelled my the guys at aliwal dive charter thank GOD because they waves that hit the beach had 7 m swells --- i wish i had my surf board causeit reminded me of a old 60`s movie i once saw cauled BIG WEDNESDAY OR EVEN POINT BREAK . Any way on the radio people were talking or asking if a tsunami was approaching - VERY UNLIKLY ? BUT THE DAMAGE WAS WAS SIMILAR !!!! I spoke to the manager of the wildcoast sun he mentioned to me that the day that the equinox had hit the coast all the ships that were outside the DURBAN HARBOUR WERE NOT ALLOWED INTO THE HARBOUR NOR WERE THE SHIPS THAT WERE IN THE HARBOUR ALOOED OUT INTO THE SEA ? By the way the durban harbour will take aboutr 5 years to be cleaned up . SHELLY BEACH `S LAUNCH HAD A CONCRETE BLOCK IN THE WAY AND UMKOMAAS HAD A TANK IN THE WAY THE MARGATE WIMPY WASH JUST A BOUT WASHED AWAY ......TALK ABOUT DEVASTATION --- I THINK !!! ONCE EVERY 18 YEARS MMOTHER NATURE SAYS CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM !!!!! OR ILL DO IT MY WAY NO HIGH WAY OPTION !!!! TO HAVE A LOOK AT SOME PICS GO TO WWW.ECR.CO.ZA THERE ARE SOME GREAT PICS AND VIDEO CLIPS ABOUT WHAT HAPPEND ON THAT DAY .