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Read Chapter 4 of the exciting online dive adventure Frog Head Key!
booksbyeric - 2/09/2009 9:41 PM
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Frog Head Key is a serial short story, in the early tradition of pulp fiction. You can read a chapter each week on Eric Douglas’s website at Post your comments about the story, or how you think its going to end right here online.

Chapter 4

After getting Daydreamer tied up and all their gear stowed away, the three younger divers drove around to the other side of the marina, to Withrow Key’s one bar/restaurant, Duffy’s. Jackson told them he had some business to take care of and that he would meet up with them the next day.
“So what do you guys think is going on out there?” Kia asked, the first one to broach the subject since they got back to the dock.
“We should go check it out,” Jake said. “Come on. Let’s go tonight.”
“No, Jackson said not to. We can’t go out there,” Kia argued.
“Are you in, Bo? Let’s go check it out and see what’s going on,” Jake challenged. “Or are you scared, too?”
“Hey. Wait a second. I never said I was scared,” Kia started to protest.
“Jackson just doesn’t get it. He’s gotten old,” Jake said, letting the beer increase his already cocky personality. “I say we go out there and find out what’s going on. Whatever those guys are doing, it’s messing with our livelihood.”
“I don’t know, man. Do you really think we should go out there?” Bo asked, wiping the sweat off of his forehead with his hat.
“What? Are you chicken?” Jake challenged.
“Hey, Jake. Cut it out. That’s not fair. Bo doesn’t have to go anywhere he doesn’t want to go,” Kia jumped in.
“So, is Kia in charge of you now?” Jake asked. “Does she make decisions for you?”
“All right,” Bo said. “Let’s go take a look. Probably nothing out there anyway.”
“Finish your beer. Let’s go. We’ll show Jackson who’s in charge around here,” Jake said, standing up.
“I’m not going with you,” Kia said.
“Funny, I don’t recall asking you to go,” Jake said as he turned and walked away.
Bo gave Kia an apologetic shrug as he got up and walked out, towed in Jake’s wake.

Read the rest of this chapter, and the rest of the story, at