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First Entry
Posted by grasshopper
First Entry
grasshopper - 3/27/2007 12:00 AM
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OK first entry here. Was supposed to head out with Sea Lancers but they canceled the boat dives so we all pilled into our cars and headed off to Electric Beach. Got there and everyone wanted to go to Pray for Sex site and as I drove past Makaha it was divable which is hard to come by in winter. So I parked, snorkeled for abit to check out conditions and as I got out ran into a group of divers coming out of the water. Asked to join them and they said yeah so I geared up and we all headed out. Swam out and then dropped down close to the caverns and swim throughs. Lots of turtles and nudi branches. The later of whch surprised me there were quite a few. Low and behold my camera froze up. Swam to the first cavern and as we entered huge turtle just lying staring at us and we were staring at him. I was soo agitated my camera was froze up. I checked it again and held the power button hoping it would free up. No such luck. So we visited all the caverns and swim throughs. Lots of eels, nudi braches, turtles and the usual assortment of fish. On the way back we hit the cleaning station where there was 10 turtles hanging out getting cleaned. So wish I had my camera. Swam the 270-300 headings back into shore. Swam under some surfers and it would have been nice to have my camera the scene was something else. Got to shore. Couple surfers gave us grief for diving under them but we were like 25 feet down and no harm to them. Started getting cloudy and it was 1 so decided to head it home after one dive. Even though the morning was a lot of running around. The dive was a good dive. Makaha had good vis even with all the rain, the reef is great, the wild life is really good and all in all even with the bumm camera it was a good dive.