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Happy New Year to all!
SunsetHouse - 1/16/2009 10:37 AM
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Happy New Year to all!

As January is well and truly upon us we have been enjoying some phenomenal diving here in Grand Cayman, not only from the boat but also right in our backyard at Sunset House. The water is warm (80 degrees) and life is plentiful. The Blue and Brown Chromis (Chromis Cyanea & Chromis Multilineata) are out in force; it’s been a particularly active spawning time for them over the past month and clouds of them are littering the water on a daily basis, feeding in the morning currents as breakfast literally drifts by. Along the wall, sites such as Eagle’s Nest, Sand Chute, Trinity Caves and Eagle Ray Rock have become particularly vibrant with these small fish and their early morning activities. It is also pretty spectacular to see them repeating the process at dusk, gathering food before night time sets in. We have also been seeing a large number of Caribbean Reef Squid (Sepioteuthis Sepioidea) right here in our backyard. As many as 30 have been seen hanging out together, and they can generally be found enjoying the afternoon sunlight as they hover in the shallow water around the shoreline. It has been particularly exciting to see them at night when they will actively follow diver’s lights, opportunistically using the light to capture small fish.

For the rest of the story and how Lion Fish have now been spotted in Grand Cayman, go to

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