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We ping blog sites when you write a blog.
Greg - 11/14/2008 4:45 PM
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When you post a new blog on, we automatically "ping" other blogging sites or aggregators to notify them about your new blog. The term "ping" is used to define a behind-the-scenes notification sent through the Internet to other web sites that collect information on blog updates. These other sites, like Google, Technorati and Yahoo! want to know when you publish content on the Internet. So when you write a blog on, the whole world will soon be able to find it...not just on, but on dozens, if not hundreds, of other blogging search engines on the Internet.

That doesn’t mean you can blog about anything on I still check to ensure the blog is scuba related or beneficial to our community as a whole. If you’re a company blogging about your products or services all the time, chances are you’ll be removed from our site. But if you publish an occasional press release, that’s great! Don’t abuse the system :)

Scuba divers and scuba instructors are encouraged to blog about past dive trips, gear reviews, photography, educational articles, safety issues, etc. The more you blog, the more content we all have to review and benefit from.

As a member of DiveBuddy, you also have the ability to Report bad content. If you feel a blog is spam or just doesn’t belong on our site, use the Report link towards the bottom of the page. Don’t report a member that publishes a Press Release though...unless they’re really abusing the system.

I hope you all enjoy the blogs on! Post a new blog and take advantage of the extra reach you have through the automatic "pinging" I do for you.


Greg Davis
Owner and Member #1