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Lake Erie
Posted by crash141
Lake Erie
crash141 - 10/06/2008 1:13 PM
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Category: Travel
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Just did 2 wreck dives in Lake Erie yesterday, Oct 5. Dives were a good learning experience. The water temp was 68 F, so with a 7mm it wasn’t bad at all. What was bad was the vis. Maybe 3 ft at the most. When we hit about 25 feet, it was like descending into a black hole. I’ve never seen it that bad. The first wreck, we were able to stay with and see most of it (I think, anyway), but the second, we got to the fantail, and lost the wreck, got disoriented in the darkness, and finally my buddy and I just ascended and surfaced. It was a good learning experience. Next time, I’ll make sure we have a wreck reel and use it, and utilizing the compass when we first got down to the wreck would have helped out immensely. Lessons learned. I used to have a flight instructor who told me if you don’t learn something on every flight, something is wrong, and I try to apply that to every thing I do, including diving. Would I dive it again in similar conditions? You bet, but I’d be much better prepared.


ereediver - 10/10/2008 7:50 PM
Ahhh welcome to the joy that is Lake Erie diving, FYI though the viz isn’t that bad always. I’ve had some 20 foot viz dives this year, and one with about 2 feet.