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Welcome to My Blog
DocMartens - 10/03/2008 12:05 PM
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Category: Personal
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Welcome to My Blog Hi All and welcome to my Blog. Only new to this site, and will fill you in a little about me and will keep you up to date as I go.

I started diving back in the late 70’s as a Skin Diver, when to get a Scuba License through PADI you had to complete this module first, (Well it was in Australia). Being to expensive back then I just skinned dived up and down the East coast of Australia when I got the opportunity. Since then I have been done Scuba when my first taste was in the Philippines with some US Navy divers whilst awaiting to be sent forward to the Faulkins. (Which didn’t eventuate). Since then the next time I dived recreationaly was in Thailand 1995 whilst on holidays when I got offered a few dives on the house. (Apparently a licence wasn’t necessary at the time, as it was an introductory dive.) Since 1998 - to Jun 2008 I have dived through pleasure and work when the chance arose in places like Bali, Papua New Guinea, Micronesia and the Great Barrier Reef. Also whilst on Operations in the Solomon Islands and Kuwait, all with Certification.

I arrived home from Afghanistan this year and moved to Western Australia through work and in June 2008 was offered a chance to do my Open Water Course at a reduced rate. Hell yeah, anything to get out of work. So of we went and low and behold we completed the OW and I got the bug. I have bought my own equipment and joined a couple of clubs and try to get a dive in where I can. Last month I had some free time and completed my Advanced course and bought a new camera. Olympus SP560 with PT-037 housing (no more chemist cameras), but it will take a bit to get use to before getting good clear shots. I have a strobe on order to achieve this and hopefully that will get rid of some of the scattered clear the pictures up alot. Damn theres a lot to learn, gone of the days you just snapped away and the camera house would do the rest. The greeny pics of Rottnest Island and Bells Park are with my new camera and the ones I will add next are my other ones with the chemist specials from the solomons. Hopefully they get better with time, other wise I will be giving the camera the boot.

Ok that enough rambling, I am free for a dive in the Perth area on weekends, so if you from here (OZ) and need a buddy, I am always keen. I’ll also be in Melbourne during Xmas break and would like to buddy up with anyone who is keen, to show me the sights of Port Phillip.

Will add more soon.