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My 200th dive
Posted by Jupitermermaid
My 200th dive
Jupitermermaid - 9/22/2008 3:28 PM
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On Saturday, Sept. 20, 2008, I celebrated my 200th dive. I had the pleasure of diving with Jupiter Dive Center in my home town, and having my good local dive buddy along with me. Also joining me were two special new buddies I made while on a Bonaire trip this past July. Three buddies from Orlando made the trip down to join in on the fun, and I knew quite a few (if not most) of the other people on the boat.

We went to the Zion, Miss Jenny, and Esso Bonaire wrecks, where we saw quite a few Goliath Grouper as we ascended and as we poked our heads into the wrecks. Some "barked" at us, as they did not like the idea of our invading their territory. We were also entertained by many tropical fish that call the wrecks home.

For our second dive of the day we went to Loggerhead Reef, where we saw a turtle muching on the reef so intently he didn’t mind our presence and pretty much ignored us. We saw plenty of angel fish, cowfish, filefish, damsels, rock beauties, a moray, a spotted eel, and many others I couldn’t identify with certainty. Our dive master, Bruce, pointed out a tiny, tiny, trunkfish that was so small he looked like a miniature die (as in dice). The viz was only about 30’ (we’re used to 60-80 in these parts, so we’re spoiled) but it was fun.

During both safety spots a group of moon jellyfish danced around us to keep our minds off the three minutes of waiting to surface. A memorable dive all the way around!


Regis - 9/26/2008 7:43 PM
Hey Sandy ! Congradulations on your 200th ! Darn I wish I would have joined you guys on that trip after watching the video ! If all works out well, I may break 100 diving Jupiter this year !
CallesCafe - 9/24/2008 6:52 PM
Thats awesome Sandy! Congrats!
Jupitermermaid - 9/23/2008 7:21 AM
LOL......not this time! I knew too many people on the boat.