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Dive Buddy Racing Sept 6th
Divebuddyracing - 9/13/2008 9:41 AM
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Hello all,

It has been a while since my last post and for that I appologize but work has kept me in the field and away from the computer.

So here is the latest: We have been working on the car and making some changes to the suspension and handling of the car and we are making gains along with some better lap times we arre chasing the faster cars and gaining on them. I have beaten the 15 year veteran in a heat race but still lack the main event win.. But we are closing the gap. we are currently second in points at the track.

Racing on Sept 6th:

Stared out again with an extemely loose car and made sevral changes to catch up with the track, took three hot lap session s to at least make the car good enough to make the trophy dash. We also had two very fast cars from Colorado National Speedway show up for the event, wow talk about a challenging night, it was good in the fact that they made me drive & work hard on the car to make about as good as it had been in several nights. I placed third in the trophy dash and then came the heat race, started second row outside with three fast cars behind me, we entered the first turn and I got punted in the rear which sent me spinning in front of the on coming field,, looking over my left shoulder I saw the rest of the field comiing right at my drivers door :( ,,, all but one car made it by me,, the 66 clipped the front end of the Dive Buddy Car and tore the complete nose off... No suspension damage but I no longer had the right front fender or half a nose piece... so luckily the track saw what happened and I pulled up to the pit gate... Out came my crew with two rolls of duct tape and pulled all the loose panels and taped everything together so we could continue.. Green flag dropped and with a vengance I went after the field...Passed three cars and wass chasing the leader,, got in to turn four ont he last lap to hot and lost one position which ended up giving me a third place finish.

Main Event,

 Second row outside again 35 lap race and we battled our way to third again which is a good finish racing cars that have about a 100 more horspower and twice the suspension components.

A special night:

I have a Army buddy who joined me at the track who is retireing with 26 years in the Army as a suprise and dedication to him I carried the american flag out my drivers window and had the track announcer bring him out on the track and the crowd gave him a standing ovation.... After two laps I delivered the Amercan flag to him which had proudly paraded back to the pits:

"God Speed" best Luck Vince....

Thanks Greg and Becky... Dive Buddy Racing for completing a dream

Next Race Sept.20th.


Dive Buddy 8