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Diving in Curacao
breathedeep - 9/01/2008 12:41 PM
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Hey All,

I just returned home from Curacao and wanted to share some info with you. The diving in Curacao was excellent. I did all my diving with a company called Ocean Encounters. The vis and water temps were great. I highly recommend a Dolphin Dive they offer. Dolphins from the sea aquarium are released into the ocean and once they become comfortable with us they will swim so close to you that you can pet their entire bodies. We were at 40-45’ most of the time. I will post some pics later. They love the attention according to the trainer. The 2 dolphins that came out, Taylor and Annie, happened to be pregnant and are due to deliver at the end of ’08. Some other reefs we went to were Mushroom Forest, Radio City, Stella Maris and I went on my first night dive at Guus Reef. It’s named after a guy who did a lot of diving there and his grave, bones or ashes, are in a barrel buried underwater, we checked out his tombstone with our lights. Very cool, definitely want to do more of those. There were octupus, lobster, shrimp and more. You use much less air on night dives. Radio City had the best vis and most to see and Mushroom Forest was pretty cool as well. It got it’s name because there was a bacteria eating away at the coral for sometime and then it just stopped, leaving the coral looking like giant mushrooms. My dive buddy said it reminded him of the cover of an old Yes album, if anybody remembers that one. Just aged myself.