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Lion Fish 2
edie - 8/29/2008 10:29 PM
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Category: Educational
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Yes, I do know Lion Fish live in the Red Sea as well. I referred to the Pacific and the Indian Ocean as I have enjoyed many beautiful dives there and marveled at the sight of each and every Lion Fish I encountered. Unfortunately you missed the point of my concern and the reason I wrote this blog. The Caribbean fish and therefore the ecosystem are in danger. Those of us familiar with certain dive sites have experienced the decline in reef fish already, something that will just get worse as the Lion Fish are multiplying like rabbits. Marine Biologists, Scientists, Dive Instructors and recreational divers like my self are puzzled what can be done as it is a serious problem and out of control. Fish and crustaceans don’t know they are in danger until it is too late. And the only 2 Caribbean species known to eat Lion Fish are Groupers and Moira Eels. What to do? Feed them to the Sharks, but they don’t seem to like them nor are we humans an easy sell. We are also facing another problem, the inevitable dive and shore accidents. So far there are no known death related accidents but the sting of a Lion Fish should be taken as a medical emergency. As a first aid hot water should be used or an aspirin taken although not simultaneously as this may result in adverse reactions. One should seek Medical attention immediately.