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PADI EANx32 RDP Safety Recall
Greg - 8/19/2008 9:48 AM
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The following notice was copied from the Pro’s section of PADI’s website:

Safety Recall Notice: Imperial EANx32 RDP

PADI Americas is recalling a single version of the English Imperial EANx32 Recreational Dive Planner used for calculating dive profiles. A printing error caused a series of numbers to be out of alignment, thus incorrect. The risk of injury from these errors is remote and no injuries have been reported.

All RDPs included in this recall bear the printing mark “Printed in the USA” located on the back of the table, upper right corner. The product number and production code are located on the lower right corner, also on the back of the table. The product number and production code affected by this recall are:

Product No. 60049 Ver 1.2 (Rev 02/03) XXXPDK7

The product code digits indicated by “X” may vary. The last four digits “PDK7” indicate a recalled table, irrespective of what the first three digits are.

As a double check, on Table 3, check the 110 foot row under Pressure Group G. The table should indicate a Residual Nitrogen Time (upper number in white) of 13 and an Actual Bottom Time (lower number in green) of 12. If this box is blank, you have a misprinted table.

We will be notifying consumers certified as PADI Enriched Air Divers after 17 January 2008 via the PADI website, e-mail and other means. They will be directed to stop using the recalled RDP immediately and bring them to any PADI Dive Center/Resort or return them to PADI for a free replacement. If you replace one of these RDPs for a consumer, please notify your PADI Sales Consultant to receive your replacement product.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your assistance by including this information when you communicate with your customers. Please contact PADI Americas if you have any concerns or questions.

Link for more information:


Froggie - 8/19/2008 4:23 PM
About a month ago, PADI sent notices to all of their dive centers along with personal phone calls to announce this recall. By this time, I think all of the dive centers should have ordered replacement tables (we have) and all recalled tables should have been removed from store inventory. So, you shouldn’t get any of the recalled tables from any authorized PADI dive centers. If you took the PADI Nitrox course during the past 6 months, you might have one of the recalled tables. If so, just take the table to any PADI dive center and they should be able to replace it for you. Since this recall is so massive, it will take time for the new tables to show up in your local PADI dive center. I ordered mine on the day of the notice and still have not received my replacements.