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St. Lawrence River
Countess4sight - 7/23/2008 11:53 PM
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I went to the St. Lawrence River to dive the wrecks last weekend. I saw the Lillie Parsons, Robert Gaskins, Muscallonge and the Daryaw. It was incredible. Those old wooden boats that sank 100+ years ago still looked great, not a day over 30. I think I have found the fountain of youth! What a great trip. The "Underwhere" was a fantastic boat and DiveTech was a nice shop. Brockville was a quaint little town, with hidden tobacco...LOL. Then I came home and read about all the other wrecks in that river. I am ready to go back.

For those interested in diving in St. Lawrence, I wore a 7mm farmer John with a 3/5 hooded vest and cold water boots & gloves. This was fine attire for a gal who chills easily. Others on the trip dove hoodless in 3mm suits and the Masters dove dry and semi-dry. Most dives lasted ~40 minutes.

The visibility was fantastic. Most of the time I could see the entire wreck at depth. There was sparce sealife, but I did see some big fish.