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Having a Great Day!
ccasale - 6/28/2008 7:03 PM
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Category: Personal
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So I am having a GREAT day!! I found out I am going to be an AUNT!! Finally! I have been wait for years for my bro to have a child and they finally are and I’m so excited and couldn’t be happier!!! It is due the end of Jan!! Have to wait till then to find out if its a boy or girl but eithor way I am SUPER excited!!

I also found out that I have enough ffm so I can get a free ticket to go to NY for my birthday!! Spending the big 21 back where I was born. I’m super excited to go back and see everything and everyone again and stay with my cuz and friends! I’m gonna go see my old house since it is a vet clinic now and I want to be a vet.. weird lol! So hopefully leave on my bday and stay till the 12th. So Aug 7 - 12! I’ll take lots of pics!!

So that is my super exciting great day : D