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Night Dive
Posted by tech1327
Night Dive
tech1327 - 6/24/2008 6:07 AM
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Category: Travel
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I went on my first night dive last night. It was spectacular! We went from the beach and swam to the second reef off Dania Pier. It was a fairly long swim but well worth the effort. I saw things last night that I’ve never seen during the day. A six foot nurse shark was the first thing we encountered, which my friend gently touched by the tail, sending the shark swimming right under me. Also some eels that I have never seen during the day, one was a banana color with spots, pretty cool looking. On our way in we spotted a tiny octopus, its body about the size of a plum, colored with some purple and yellow. A doormat sized flounder camoflauged in the sand. The reef itself in this particular area was full of life and beautiful color, I was impressed by that it came close in comparison to a reef dive off Sugarloaf Key. I thought it would be creepy only being able to see within your light but it was not at all. I will definitely do this again!