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Little Cayman Dive Trip
Posted by Rye
Little Cayman Dive Trip
Rye - 6/22/2008 9:23 PM
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June 12-19, 2008 was my very first dive trip!!! It was so amazing!!!And if you’ve ever been to Little Cayman you know its probably one of the top 3 dive spots in the world!!! The best part about the whole trip is that i dove with all my family.Step mom, dad, brother, step brother, grandfather, and of course little sister snorkeling happily on the surface checkin out the rays! :)

A couple thats dove with my family for a couple years also joined us which was alot of fun cause they fit right in our bunch!! We set off each morning at 9:00 and waded out to the boat carrying all of the tanks needed for the day. A five to ten minute boat ride put us on Bloody Bay Wall. We hopped in the water and when we all surfaced we talked about all the amazing things we had seen. after an hour or so chatting and snacking on the surrface we headed to the next spot.

That morning of course we had a delicious breakfast but by the time the second dive was over we were ready for another home cooked meal for lunch and that was exactly what we all got (after we rinsed our gear of course). In the dining room we ate and used the Reef Fish books to identify unknown fish we had seen that day. Then we all went and took a 2 or 3 hour nap to recover from 2 amazing dives in one day!!

At around 8:00 we had a 3rd and once again delicious meal then went to bed and got ready for another day of diving to follow. Some of us, like my step brother, were caught dreaming about diving!! Yeah, my step mom caught him pretending like he was swimming in his sleep!!! hahahhahahaha im sure we will all do it once or twice.

All in all it was an amazing trip and if you ever go to Little Cayman be sure to stay at the McCoys