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The Cave
scubawolf - 6/21/2008 8:57 PM
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An underwater cave;

Is where I wanted to go;

He said he knew a place;

Just forty feet below.

We got our gear together;

With tanks and ropes and thing;

So off, we did travel;

To see this wonderful thing.

Then downward we did travel;

The current soft and slow;

Until we found the opening;

Just forty feet below.

Into the cave we traveled;

Our lights all glowing bright;

I shinned the light around me;

Wow, what a beautiful sight.

As, we traveled onward;

Our ropes are all secure;

I marveled at the wonderful sight;

Of nothing I have no fear.

Then I hear, a terrible sound;

And the walls begin to shake;

Oh my god it’s time to go;

Before it seals our fate.

We swam toward the opening;

As rocks are falling down;

Then I take, a quick look back;

My partner, is not around.

Without a thought I turn around;

And swim from where we came;

I knew I had to find him;

For I would be to blame;

I found him with a pile of rocks;

That had fallen from up high;

These rocks had fallen on him;

And pinned him at his thigh.

The rocks I started moving;

He told me I should go;

I knew I couldn’t leave him;

Though, our air was running low.

I grabbed a pony bottle ;

And had him breath from there;

I hoped, he would breathe gently;

For we would have to share.

I moved the last , of the rocks;

And we started to move on;

We’re still not out of danger;

For my air is now all gone.

We reached the entrance to the cave;

And started out ascent;

We dropped our weights, and up we swam;

Our air is now all spent.

As we broke the water surface;

The fresh air felt so great;

We looked at each other knowing;

We escaped a terrible fate.