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June 7-8 AAR
GypsyDiver - 6/10/2008 9:38 PM
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Category: Educational
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June 7-8  AARI made it up to Dutch Springs, PA for the weekend. Clay and Roxanne had nine students that where coming up to finish their dives. It was interesting dealing with there individual issues. Myself and Maddogmaz decided to tryout the White’s Fusion. It was a little fun to get into. There is a good demo on Youtube of it by Eric. It was a little unusual to put it on since it was basically a suit within a suit. We had a great dive. I had no problems with it. I didn’t feel any drag like I did when I dove with the trilam suits. They offered 15% off of MSRP for any white’s dry suit during the weekend. We stayed that night and did a night dive. We hung out with Sam, Alex, Doug, and Ronnie. If you were at there Saturday we apologize for being so loud. It was the late night divers (they were ducks, Sam, I swear) not us making all of the noise. Ronnie thanks for the beverages. I will not forget my cooler next time.

Sunday the students came back to finish up there dives. It went well. We had three more students show up to do their rescue dive scenarios. I played the victim for them. Only because Roxanne asked so nicely, not because I lost rock-paper-scissors to Ellie (not on Divebuddy Yet!!) I was having fun just hanging near the wall at 30ft. I was good when my gauge said 1300 psi. I started to get a little nervous as it started to approach 800 psi and I hadn’t been found yet. Someone grabbed my arm and we start to sink. They figure it out and we started to rise slowly. It is always fun to see the slow indicator on your gauge when you are playing the victim. I had to show it to one of the students. They slowed my ascent. They learned a lot about keeping someone with a back inflation BC on the surface during that scenario. It was a very educational day.

Last dive of the day was with the scooters. Everything was going good until we reached the Bus. And my scooter died. Nothing I could do but drag it back. Fun, fun, Fun… I took it apart and found a bulge in the side of the battery. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to provide me with some insight. I have already sent an email to the manufacturer. On that down note we headed home. It was a great weekend overall. It was by far the most fun I have had in a long while. Thanks to everyone


scubaclay - 6/11/2008 2:33 PM
No doubt about it you have a bad battery, but you figured that out on your own.

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